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Why Us?

We set the highest standard of children’s dental care with prevention in mind.

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No Needles

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Invisalign® for Kids and Teens

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Early Airway Evaluation

Why Us?
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No Needles

No Needles


Zero-Anxiety dental experience


Solea is the world first computer-aided CO2 dental laser system

Solea Laser takes drill, the needle, the noise, and the pain out of dental visits

No Needles - How
Invisalign for Kids

1. Treatment Time

2. Virtual Appointment

3. Comfort Level

4. Social Appearance

5. Food Restriction

6. Oral Hygiene

7. Caries Susceptibility

Less Than 1 Year





Very Easy 

Very Low 


2 Years



Very Visable


Very Hard

Very High

                 for Young Kids



Please see

Comparison chart

Virtual remote monitoring replaces office visits


iTero 3D digital intraoral scanner 

Invisalige for kids - how

Meet Dr. Soomin Hong

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Dr. Soomin Hong moved to the US to pursue his higher education. He discovered orthodontics and was fascinated by the art of creating beautiful smiles for patients to boost their self-confidence and quality of life. After completing his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado, Dr. Hong found himself practicing at a small pediatric office and ended up loving the experience. Since then, it has been his dream to have his own dental practice where he can bring forth the dental principles he learned through years of experience.

Meet Dr. Hong
Early Airway Evaluation

Early Airway Evaluation


OSA can be prevented, so your children can thrive in every way

Lack of breathing due to the constricted airway during sleep impedes the proper growth

The poor growth of the airway will lead to OSA (obstructive sleep apnea)

It is related to cognitive impairment as well as improper physical growth

i-CAT 3D Airway.png
ICAT 3D scanner.png


iCat 3D CBCT images enable us to evaluate the airway as early as possible 

Conventional 2D Panorex radiographs in dental offices simply cannot provide images required to assess airway adequately

Early Airway Evaluation - How
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Dr. Hong is a father himself and understands the importance of creating a dental office where children feel safe and at ease. He is a firm believer in a gentle and no-needle approach, and he provides treatments like Invisalign First and painless laser caries to provide minimally invasive dental care to children.

It is crucial to evaluate a child's facial growth early to address any issues before they impact the child’s psychological and physical development. Dr. Hong believes in treating orofacial growth, oral cavity, airway, tongue restriction and providing conventional preventive care to children to help them thrive throughout their lifetime. 

Dr. Hong has taken several mission trips to the Philippines, where he's offered free dental services to underserved children. He is also dedicated to continuing his education and has taken several courses on topics such as laser surgery and tongue-ties. He is also board certified at the American Board of Laser Surgery.

Dr. Hong has two daughters and a son. Whether it's outdoor adventures like snowboarding, horseback riding and playing tennis, or at-home quality time watching movies, he loves being with his kids any chance he gets.

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